Sarah has been working with me for 10 weeks. On our initial consultation we discussed her individual needs and one of her main goals was to build her strength. Sarah suffers from a illness called fibromyalgia and she also has hypermobility, too flexible. Fibromyalgia has lots of side effects with fatigue and joint aches being the main issues for Sarah. 

My goal was to work on muscular strength to give her joints more protection. Bearing in mind Sarah’s stability wasn’t great either, so that’s something else we had to focus on.The video above shows Sarah lifting a massive 90kg weight, something I would never do with a client that’s at risk of further injury, but she wanted to do it and she felt she had built enough strength and stability.This does not happen every session … 2 sessions a week for 10 weeks gives massive improvements all around. 

Sarah still comes to most sessions feeling tired and achey, and while I try to show a little sympathy, my answer to most of her training is…. your tired anyway so let’s go!!