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Darren Bettison and Sophie Wells, MBE.

Sophie wins Gold in North Carolina at the World Equestrian Games

Congratulations to Sophie Wells who has recently won 2 x individual golds & 1x team silver medals in the World Equestrian Games in North Carolina, USA.The Two gold were Sophie’s biggest win to date, hitting two personal bests and world records. Working towards WEG has been a challenge as Sophie has had issues with certain areas of the body. Most of the exercises that we normally do in our routine have had to change. Regular massage and keeping muscle active have been key.  

jack and darren

The future looks bright for Jack

Jack plays football for Mansfield Town Football Club and their team recently won the Nottinghamshire County Cup, so his future is already looking bright. Jack is aged only 12 years old and has been working me for 2 years. He performs all body weight exercises with ease. His workouts are normally a mixture of specific strength, stability, flexibility, stamina and much more! With Jack being so advanced at this young age I do have to remind myself he’s only 12, but he works hard to drive himself forward to living his dream of being a professional footballer in the very near future. I admire his dedication and if he keeps on applying himself I’m positive he will reach his goal in life.

Meet Sarah

Sarah has been working with me for 10 weeks. On our initial consultation we discussed her individual needs and one of her main goals was to build her strength. Sarah suffers from a illness called fibromyalgia and she also has hypermobility, too flexible. Fibromyalgia has lots of side effects with fatigue and joint aches being the main issues for Sarah.My goal was to work on muscular strength to give her joints more protection. Bearing in mind Sarah’s stability wasn’t great either, so that’s something else we had to focus on.The video above shows Sarah lifting a massive 90kg weight, something I would never do with a client that’s at risk of further injury, but she wanted to do it and she felt she had built enough strength and stability.This does not happen every session … 2 sessions a week for 10 weeks gives massive improvements all around.Sarah still comes to most sessions feeling tired and achey, and while I try to show a little sympathy, my answer to most of her training is…. your tired anyway so let’s go!!

Well done Chris!

Well Done Chris!

Big congratulations to Chris Vasper who completed the 2018 Marathon des Sarble. This has to be up there as one of the most challenging events on the planet. I’ve trained and treated Chris over the last year for this event. His programme was based around flexibility, core stability, joint stability and sports massage. He is now looking for his next challenge and still runs for hours a day on the treadmill. This has inspired me to at least attempt the London Marathon next year – let’s hope I can be successful in completing that!! 

8-12 Week Transformation Group

My first 8-12 week Transformation Course has now come to an end. The group have enjoyed the training so much they’ve decided to make it a lifestyle change and have continued training 3 times a week with me. With three workouts a week, I can carefully plan what they need to work on each session within the gym. I’m a big believer that crash diets do not work and that I recommend normal balanced diet to all clients.  This type of group training is something I’ve recently set up and its working very well from a clients point of view. Sessions are slightly cheaper so good value for money and you get the motivation from others you work alongside too! I have full control over the workouts so that’s half the battle and we also have a group discussion about nutrition. All levels and all abilities are welcome.

Full Body Biomechanics Screening

Another clinic added to my busy work schedule! Im currently working with riders based around Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. Clinics are held at Denstone Stud Livery with Sophie Wells MBE Dressage Lincoln.  Clinics involve a full body biomechanics screening to highlight any areas of weakness throughout the body that may affect riders position whilst riding.  Improvement plans are given to all clients that attend the clinic.  Throughout my experience I’ve found that majority of riders have lots of biomechanical issues. The whole point of the screening will give you a detailed report on whats happening within the body and how to train these issues out. 

New Client Alison

This is Alison’s first training session with myself.Upon questioning Alison she explained she wanted to try and experiment a new workout routine and for me to perform a biomechanics assessment to identify what muscles need to be strengthened. We are currently working on extension exercise to improve posture whilst seated.The video of Alison is just a short clip of our 60 minute training session. The routine I put together most definitely pushed her and took her out of the comfort zone. We are trying to strengthen key anterior/posterior muscles whilst having fun and getting a workout at the same time. I’ve set Alison a challenge to do a pull up unassisted. Alison has an amazing attitude towards keeping fit and healthy as she already swims several times a week and uses the gym three times a week.

Above: Me, Laura (the wife) and postcode lottery team – Danyl Johnston and Julie McCourt. Below: Me and Chris Vasper having fun with Julie McCourt.

Everyone’s a winner !

The Postcode Lottery Team contacted me in September as it was Mansfield’s time to win the monthly draw again, the second time in two years! With one of my long standing clients Chris Vasper winning the jackpot two years ago. Me and the wife had two winning tickets this time around winning a small amount each. The postcode lottery team was impressed to hear the full story of my training with Chris Vasper who has raised thousands of pounds for a charity called ‘Walking with the Wounded’. So with Chris winning the jackpot and myself having a winning ticket this time, it made a good story.  Chris basically donated his body to me for a whole year as he was getting injury after injury with all the repetitive running, he had no option but to keep going as he really wanted to complete the Marathon Des Sables. Crazy!!

Transformers Updates

Above: David is currently on week 8 of the transformers programme, he’s currently lost around 11 inches in 8 weeks. Another 4 weeks to go for David.

Above: Joanne is currently on week 8 of the transformers programme, she’s lost a massive 17 inches so far. Joanne signed up for the 12 weeks but wants to carry on and make it more of a lifestyle change.

Above: Kelly has been a long standing client who used to do one session a week with me. Kelly decided to join the transformers training to get in shape for her holidays. She’s now under 10 stone and lost 13 inches in 8 weeks.

Above: Andrea has been training with me for 6 months now and has finally reached our goal. She continues to use my services on a weekly basis to stay focused and motivated.

Above: Bryn’s goal was to lose weight and tone up for his wedding March 2019. You can obviously see the change this guy has made in 5 months so far. Bryn has made big changes to his diet hence the weight loss. Bryn also started out on the 12 week transformers programme but decided again to make it a lifestyle change and continue.

Above: Kelly is currently on week 8 of my transformation programme. These photos show the amazing changes Kelly has achieved by changing her diet and training with me up to 5 times a week.

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