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Personal Training & Group Specific

Personal training has helped lots of our members stay focused and accountable towards leading a healthy balanced lifestyle. Many of Darren members have been with him since the beginning, 15 plus years. Darren has worked and helped support personal trainers become personal trainers, experience working with the worlds best paralympic dressage team, Great Britain. One of Darrens riders has over 30 gold medals for team GB. Darren has also helped lots of other professional athletes such as footballers, golfers and motor cross. Darren is a fully trained Biomechanics Coach which helps when working with members who have issues related to health, such as pre/post joint operations, high blood pressure, raised cholesterol or simply to improve performance.

Elite & Progressive Coaching
aka Transformers

Due to the demand in personal training services Darren set up the extremely popular Transformers Programme which is now called Elite/Progressive Coaching. The programme is all about getting fast results over a short period of time with the option to carry on after a consultation. Our coaching members must commit to 3-5 sessions per week to get the results we aim for.

Elite Coaching

Progressive Coaching

Imagine having your workouts planned for you every time you enter the gym. The elite coaching is exactly that! I like to call this programme the targeted one, as we can make your bodies strong and healthy whilst getting results. We have had and continue to get amazing results with our members. 

There is no end date to our coaching programmes making accessible whenever. After consultation we will discuss whats achievable in the period of time you decide to stay on this plan. 

Progressive coaching allows you to have two sessions from the coaching timetable below. Progressive coaching is something new to dbws Nov 2020 and has been popular since releasing this mo

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